Who We Are

We are young and dynamic interior design firm providing interior, architectural & infrastructure services across the nation. We design aesthetic and practical spaces for Residential, Corporate, Retail and Hospitality industry. The methodology adopted by MORGAN’s is customer-centric. We work hard to achieve a balance between two distinct competencies, creativity and project execution. We work with our client on their requirements, taste & budget Constraints to provide a hassle-free and satisfactory project execution and timely delivery experience.

Our mission is not only to carve a niche in the architecture and Interior Design industry but also to build strong and rewarding interpersonal Client-relationships.

As a firm, we are committed and strive for :

  • Providing unique and innovative design solutions.
  • Prompt, timely delivery of consistent, high quality products and services.
  • Professional ethics that support honesty, integrity accountability & respect amongst our clients, colleagues, community and environment.

Every member of our team is committed to a performance-based culture and we consider teamwork and inter-disciplinary co-operation fundamental as a pathway to our success.

Why Choos Us

Our Skills

MORGAN CONSULTANT’S is committed to highest standards of Quality by investing in both human and technical resources to satisfy its Client’s requirements of Time, Schedule, Budget and Quality Workmanship. To continue being perceived as an efficient Company, Morgan Consultant’s is committed to uniformity of work methods laid down in the Company Procedures.

Morgan Consultant’s engages only those suppliers / sub-contractors, who can demonstrate their ability to comply with the specified quality standards, programs, price and safety of all concerned. This is archived by selection and continual monitoring of their performance. At Morgan Consultant we give emphasis on obtaining Client satisfaction by preventing non-conformities at all stages, adhering to agreed programs together with efficient construction, value for money and safety of all concerned.